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Indigo - Cotton Weighted Blanket

 Provides a Deep Pressure Stimulation that uses hands-on pressure to calm the mind, body and help you achieve much deeper sleep.

Eases Stress & Anxiety by reducing the bodies stress hormones and increasing the production of serotonin (hormone associated with feelings of happiness).

 Improves Sleep with the process of grounding by pushing the body downwards, which has a deeply calming effect. A blanket that snuggles you.

 Filled with equally distributed High Density Glass Beads and are encased in two layers of fine cotton to make the quilt extremely soft and snuggly.

 Tucked In ensures that the glass beads are Evenly Distributed, providing utmost comfort.

 We recommend hand washing and air-drying or dry cleaning our blankets to keep them in their Best Condition.

  Single: 50" x 75" (7kgs), Double: 90" x 90" (14kgs).

On day one, I could tell the difference in the quality of my sleep. But I decided to give it another couple of days to decide if it truly had made a difference or if it was all just in my head. By day two I was certain that the quality of my sleep had transformed; forever! That morning on my way out to work, I decided to put the blanket on my husband who was fast asleep. When he woke up, the first thing he did was to call me and ask “What is this blanket you put on me!? I've never slept soo well and my body feels different!”. The blanket had clearly worked its magic on him too, so we recently bought another one for him. As of this morning, we’ve placed an order for 6 more blankets because we would like to gift them to some of ours closest friends and help ‘transform’ the quality of their sleep too.

Deepika Padukone - Actress and Producer

Tucked-in gravity blanket gives a luxurious feel to boost my sleeping experience. There is something about being cushioned. The gentle pressure makes me feel more relaxed and makes my sleep feel easier through the night. Excellent quality with micro glass beads filling and breathable fabric makes it thin, less bulky, and absolutely quiet so no shifting noises whenever you turn. One of the best blankets on the market! A totally worthy investment for your well-rested nights and waking up feeling fully recharged!

Dr. Monika Sharma - Founder Sleep Moksha

I am enjoying the blanket and am slowly getting used to it. I do see an improvement in my sleep patterns. I have recommended this to several people already.

Abhinav Bindra - Olympic Gold Medalist

I bought one of your weighted blankets a couple weeks ago, and I'm not kidding, my life has changed. I sleep better and deeper, and it's almost impossible for me to get out of bed in the morning. I've recommended it to ALL my friends. It's a great product!

Pahini Kapadia

I swear by this product!

Bandgi Kalra - Actress and Model

I bought the weighted quilts for my parents. My mother has arthritis and my father has many joint pains as well. They used it last night and woke up refreshed and without pains and told me it's the first time they've slept so soundly in very long! So thank you so much.

Nanditha Gopal

The blanket is extremely cozy and I can't sleep without it anymore. I am really fidgety when I try to sleep, and this weighted blanket helps calm my body and has reduced the amount of times I wake up at night. Highly recommend!!

Parina Gujral

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